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Be Better Bag’s Mission to Cut Plastic Waste Brings You Stylish Reusable Choices, Empowering Local Businesses Along the Way

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Vacation with Purpose

Help protect our waterways while you enjoy your coastal vacation.

Visibility that Embraces Sustainability

Reach your target audience while endorsing an eco-friendly initiative.

Creating a Better Future Together

About Us

Our initiative to create an eco-friendly and engaging environment is not a solo flight; it’s a collective effort joining vacationers, property managers, and local businesses. Together we can make a difference for our planet.

Local businesses that sponsor our bags gain valuable visibility while backing an eco-friendly cause – an insightful investment in today's environmentally conscious world. Reach our broad and diverse audience while fostering growth and sustainability. Learn More

By providing our sustainable bags to their guests, property managers facilitate a “greener” vacationing experience. This practice is not only good for the planet, but also good for attracting vacationers as responsible traveling continues to trend!

As the end-user of our reusable bags, vacationers are crucial to our fight against plastic waste. By opting for our bags, vacationers truncate their plastic footprint and show off commitment to environmental conservation–and look great doing it!


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Your Journey with Be Better Bag

Joining our mission is easy with a simple, straightforward plan. Whether you’re a property management group looking to offer your guests an eco-friendlier stay, or a local business aiming to grow with lasting impact while endorsing an environmental cause, you’re welcome here.

The Be Better Bag initiative is two-fold: We work with property management groups and local businesses. Here’s how you can get involved:

Property Management Groups:


Commit to Partnering

Use our bags as a part of the arrival package for your guests. We’ll supply the bags; you hand them out!

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Promote the Program

Educate guests about the benefits of reducing plastic waste with our reusable bags.

Local Businesses:

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Commit to Sponsorship

Choose to sponsor our reusable bags and get your business directly in front of your potential customers.


Grow Your Business

By advertising with us, you create brand ambassadors out of every person who uses our bags, increasing brand visibility in diverse contexts!

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Protect Our Future

Become Significant

In a world grappling with the adverse effects of plastic waste, our mission at Be Better Bag is more relevant than ever. Each year, countless plastic bags end up polluting our environment, threatening marine life and adding to landfill overflow. Our goal is simple: to drastically reduce this figure by providing a reusable, sustainable alternative. By joining our initiative, you become part of a community that is actively working to protect our environment and preserve the beauty of our local landscapes. We can be better together!

“In tempus rutrum magna sed lacinia dem. Morbi non urna et odio rutrum gravida nec in dui.”

Alex Rando

Coffee Shop Owner

“In tempus rutrum magna sed lacinia dem. Morbi non urna et odio rutrum gravida nec in dui.”

Amy Danilla

Hospital Doctor

Hear from Our Happy Customers


Read through our collection of comments from our beloved customers. These testimonials highlight the practicality and eco-friendliness of our Be Better Bags, providing you a glimpse into the experiences of those who have made the switch.


Join the Initiative

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Take a stand against single-use plastics and join us in the Be Better initiative. By promoting the use of our eco-friendly, reusable bags, you are helping to reduce plastic waste and protect our planet, for years to come.

Ready To Join the Be Better Initiative? Let’s Talk!

Our passion for promoting the use of reusable bags is driven by our belief that we can make a difference. With your partnership we can be better together.

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Be Better Bags provide a large surface area for branding and messaging. Users of Be Better Bags associate our advertisers with our practical and useful bags, which will in turn enhance the perceived value of our advertisers’ products or services.

Unlike some other forms of advertising that may be momentary, Be Better Bag is a tangible item that people keep and reuse. This leads to a longer-lasting impact as it increases our advertisers visibility.

Compared to other forms of advertising, sponsoring a Be Better Bag can be more cost-effective. It provides a way to reach a targeted audience who, by using the bag, become brand ambassadors. Enjoy the advertising of a greener future today!